Business Newsletter: can it be a useful digital marketing tool?

Business Newsletter: can it be a useful digital marketing tool?

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Business Newsletter: can it be a useful digital marketing tool?

Have you noticed that nowadays you can find an option to subscribe to a newsletter in a common e-shop or other website? Therefore, it is safe to say that newsletters are quite a popular digital marketing strategy used by various businesses. If you are wondering if creating a newsletter is right for your business and can bring benefits, this article is for you.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a regular e-mail sent to subscribers that contains various useful information. In the previous article, it is named as a type of digital advertising, but in a broad sense, a newsletter can be used not only for advertising – it can advertise certain products or discounts, but at the same time provide useful articles, tips, links, present news, communicate with customers. This means that a newsletter is not only an advertising tool but also a useful part of a digital marketing strategy for building a brand and maintaining contact with consumers or customers.

Various organizations can create a newsletter: business companies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, individuals, and similar. The nature and purpose of the newsletter also depends on the type of organization, for example, businesses often use it to promote their products, while non-profit organizations may encourage signing a petition or similar.

In short, a newsletter is a useful digital marketing tool that allows you to communicate directly with customers, provide useful and relevant information, present news and special offers. It can also include useful links, such as social networks, to promote your awareness. These newsletters should be sent regularly, weekly, or monthly.

Why is it good to have a newsletter?

Creating a newsletter is especially beneficial for businesses. It is a relatively cheap tool, the effectiveness of which can be monitored with the help of various email marketing platforms (for example, how many people opened the newsletter). We can distinguish the following advantages of it for business:

  • Increases sales. Of course, many businesses primarily use the newsletter as an advertising tool. It promotes various price offers, promotions, and sales, so you can expect increased sales;
  • Builds a brand. A newsletter can be a great tool for building your brand and communication style. Because it can use different manners of speech (formal or informal) and different designs, these emails are usually intended to create their own individual image;
  • Maintains contact with customers. Like any organization, it is important for a business to communicate with its customers. This will earn their loyalty and trust.

Often one of the most difficult steps is to get people to subscribe to the newsletter. For this, the business uses various means, for example, offering a discount to new subscribers.

How to create an attractive newsletter?

People have the option to unsubscribe, so it’s important to create an engaging and useful newsletter that encourages reading. Here are some tips for creating a useful newsletter:

  • Take care of the technical aspects. Nowadays, many people read the news on their smartphones, so take care of adapting the newsletter to different screens;
  • Use accurate subject lines and don’t overload information. The information written in the subject line can be the deciding factor in whether a person opens the letter. The subject line must be precise and clear, and it is advisable to avoid overloading information in the content;
  • Don’t just advertise, provide useful information. Since the newsletter is more than an advertisement, provide interesting articles and useful links. Customers are also pleased with the discount codes for subscribers only. All this promotes loyalty and trust;
  • Choose the right design. A very important part of the newsletter is its design, which should not be overloaded. Newsletter design creation is a process that requires a lot of attention: matching colors, fonts, and other elements.