Business Email Address – an Important Representative Business Attribute

Business Email Address – an Important Representative Business Attribute

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Business Email Address – an Important Representative Business Attribute

Email is nothing new – billions of emails are sent and received every day, from personal letters to newsletters. Email is a reliable, fast, and free way to communicate, it is used for both personal and business purposes. By the way, this communication is used as an official communication between state institutions and users.

We write emails to address a particular company, institution, or employee. Such letters differ not only in their content – usually, companies and institutions use business email addresses. We will discuss their importance in this blog post.

What is a business email address?

Business email address, which can also be called branded email address – an email address that has a website domain. That is, the @ sign is not followed by the standard Gmail or Yahoo suffix but by the website address of your company or institution. For example, in our case it is Word info or the name of a particular employee can be found in front of @.

In order to create such an email address, you must first register your domain. The next step is email hosting. This is a service that gives you access to a server that stores all your emails. Simply put, this hosting allows you to use business email. To host an email, you can choose different providers.

Types of email hosting

While hosting email, you can choose from different types:

  • Shared hosting. As with website hosting, in this case, you share a server with other users. Such an option may be cheaper, but less reliable and with limited resources;
  • Dedicated hosting. If you choose such hosting, you will get a dedicated server. This provides more security and control;
  • Cloud-based hosting). The email address is hosted in the cloud, such as Google Workspace. This provides flexibility and scalability.

Why use a business email?

Every business should have and use a business email, whether small, medium, or large. This is important not only because it helps separate personal and business affairs, but also for the following reasons:

  • It looks professional. Business email is an important detail that reflects professionalism and can contribute to brand awareness;
  • Memoorize better. Users and customers can better remember these addresses and the company itself. Also, recipients trust business emails that come from business email addresses more;
  • Easier to manage. With business email, the administrator can easily manage all email addresses, that is, remove old ones and add new ones;
  • Has additional benefits for users. Business email addresses have not only representational benefits but can offer other benefits as well. They are more secure, have more storage space (important if you receive a lot of mail), and hosting providers offer technical support if there is a problem.

With email hosting related service – email signature creation. When writing business emails from business email addresses, it is necessary to sign them properly. In business letters, the signature is often a graphic design element that includes key information: your name, job title, company, contacts, and, of course, your logo.