Banners – an effective advertising tool in e-commerce

Banners – an effective advertising tool in e-commerce

2023-11-25 - By Adveits Blog - Comments (0) - Advertising, Graphic design

Banners – an effective advertising tool in e-commerce

There are many forms and types of advertising in today’s world. And probably everyone has seen pop-up square or rectangular visual ads that encourage you to buy a certain product or use a certain service. These are the so-called banners, which are very important in e-commerce. In this article, we will talk more about banners and other aspects related to them.

What are banners and how are they used for advertising purposes?

So what exactly are those banners? Banners can be defined as an image that depicts a particular product, symbol, slogan, logo, or message. Their main purpose is to attract users’ attention and encourage them to click on it (if the banner is used as an advertisement). Each banner creation requires both graphic design knowledge and creativity. It can display and arrange both visual content and text in various ways.

Banners are great for advertising purposes. In fact, banners have already become inseparable from advertising, such banners are called banner ads. These advertisements are used by various companies and organizations that want to promote their products or services. They are placed on various web pages, for example at the top, bottom, middle, or simply pop up when you are browsing. What does a banner ad look like? It is a square or rectangular image that appears when you browse the Internet, read articles or watch videos. The banners themselves can be:

  • Static. These are non-moving banners. Static banner creation is quite simple, because they do not contain any additional moving elements, only text, an image and a call to action;
  • Animated. These are moving banners. Animated banner creation is a rather complicated process, because animated banners are advertisements with moving elements in GIF, HTML5, AMPHTML or MP4 format.

Why choose banner advertising?

Banner advertising is a very effective form of advertising, especially in e-commerce. Imagine you are looking for a certain product, such as a sweater. While browsing the web or reading an article, a banner of a sweater that might interest you pops up in your field of vision, which immediately shows you the price. You just need to click on the banner itself.

Also, many people pay more attention to display ads. If the banner is professionally designed, it will immediately attract the visitor’s attention. And here are some advantages of banner advertising:

  • Attractive price. Banners work on a pay-per-click basis – you pay only when the user clicks on the banner. In addition, the price depends on the size of the banner and the number of times it will be displayed;
  • Simple creation. Generally speaking, creating a banner is not difficult. A common graphic designer can take care of creating a static banner, but creating an animated banner can require skill;
  • Personalized access. Most users like it when ads are personalized. Banners are often shown to users who may be interested in your product (based on demographics and past purchases, behavior) or have visited your website before.

For these reasons, promotional banner creation can be beneficial for both the consumer and the business. The user quickly receives a personalized ad that can be easily clicked and immediately taken to a specific web page. A business can get more customers and increase its awareness without spending a lot of money.

Banners can also be used in newsletters. A newsletter banner should have both visual and textual content that is effectively placed within the banner. However, it should be remembered that banners alone may not be enough for advertising success, so choose other advertising services, such as digital advertising, too.