A blog – an important part of your marketing strategy

A blog – an important part of your marketing strategy

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A blog – an important part of your marketing strategy

If you think content on a website isn’t important, you’d be wrong – content creation, such as a blog, can be just as essential a part of a website as design, usability, and smooth operation. This, along with other elements of a website, creates a good user experience. Therefore, separate specialists – content creators – are often hired for content creation.

Of course, the content should be fluid, easy to read, and interesting. Creating good content requires the ability to think creatively and fluently which often no artificial intelligence can offer. One important type of content that requires creativity is a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is a part of a website where various useful and interesting articles are published. Blog content creation is not an easy task, as the information presented must be not only useful and interesting but also easy to read. The point of blog articles is to explain a certain topic to the reader, so there is no set word count for articles.

In other words, this section includes all published articles that have a certain topic or similar topics. If the company owns a blog, usually the articles are related to the services or products offered. It is worth noting that a blog article does not have a strict structure.

Types of blogs

We’ve already mentioned company blogs, which are part of a company’s website. They publish company news, and related information and promote services or products. Company blogs are usually written by one person or a group of them, and the articles can be more niche or cover multiple areas. However, there are other types of blogs, the most popular of which are:

  • Personal blogs. Personal blogs are a very broad type. By definition, it is content created by a certain person about their life, experiences, etc. Such a blog can cover many topics or be focused on several topics, such as creativity. The point of a personal blog is to give people creative freedom;
  • Theme blogs. This can be referred to as a subset of personal blogs. These blogs are usually written by one person who shares their experiences and opinions on certain topics, such as travel or food. Namely, travel, food, fashion, health, and sports blogs are popular;
  • Business blogs. A business can also be founded by one person, for example, a freelancer who writes about his services on his business blog. This is the main difference because a business is not necessarily a company. These blogs are similar to company’s blogs in that they are often designed to promote services and products.

Blog content formats

Of course, we can distinguish more blog types. If we look at formats, a blog can be not necessarily written, but also video or chat. For example, podcasts, and audio-format content that can be classified as personal blogs, have become very popular. Other examples could be creating video content for a YouTube channel and social media platforms. In fact, even influencers have some kind of blog.

It is important to mention that a written blog may not necessarily be part of a website, but the website itself. In fact, basically only corporate or business blogs are not a standalone website.

A blog as part of a marketing strategy for a business

Not all companies or businesses have blogs, but those that do can definitely benefit. Blogging contributes to a good user experience and can promote customer loyalty and website visits. It can be written in an informal style and help you gain trust and connect with your customers.

Another benefit of a blogging is that it can help you attract new customers. A good blog article SEO – search engine optimization – will help with this. By the way, SEO content must be at least 300 words long to be visible on Google.